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A Christmas Cookie Wreath

by Simply Chef on Dec 23, 2022

A Christmas Cookie Wreath

Looking for a creative way to display your Christmas cookies? Why not try forming them into a festive cookie wreath?

This year, we decided to make something different – this Christmas cookie wreath! This wreath isn’t meant to be hung- we did think about using a glue gun to attach them together, but then we couldn’t have eaten the cookies! So we would suggest forming this wreath on your dessert table and letting your family, friends, and guests take whichever cookie they like!

To get a perfect circle shape for the wreath, we formed a piece of string into a circle and used this as our guide to place the cookies.

We have about 3 layers of cookies on this wreath, and it would be so fun to see people picking their favorite cookies from the wreath.

This wreath is made up of:

  • Honey cookies
  • Linzer cookies
  • Matcha tea sugar cookies
  • Chocolate meringue cookies

I love how they all look so pretty together!

So will you be making a Christmas wreath this holiday season?


Credits: This creative recipe is by Chef Pina Bresciani. Do checkout her recipes at pinabresciani.com and don't forget to follow her on Instagram at @pinabresciani .