Flavour Fridays

Smoked Salmon Tartines

by Simply Chef on Feb 18, 2022

smoked salmon toast on bread with cream

Looking for inspiration for breakfast or maybe an afternoon snack or a light dinner?

This Smoked Salmon Tartine it's great for any occasion and if you're a smoked salmon fan definitely this recipe with a twist will be a hit!


 6 slices bread of any choice ( We prefer Country Bread for this recipe)
 1 cup of cream cheese or goat cheese
 1/4 cup plain or green yoghurt 
 150 g smoked salmon
 2 tablespoon chopped chives
 lemon zest
 fresh taragon or dill


1. Combine cheese ( goat or cream), chives and yoghurt , horseradish and lemon zest. Make sure to taste when adding the horseradish and lemon to avoid adding too much.

2. Toast bread slices

3. Spread the cream mix on the toasted bread, add the smoked salmon and garnish with capers, tarragon or dill. 

And it's done! Now you have a delicious appetizer or meal 

Best served with friends so you can receive compliments for the recipe over and over again!