Our Story

When we were kids, family dinners were a ritual. 

Every evening no matter how busy our parents were, each one had a role in preparing dinner. We used to always be in charge of setting the table and, although we weren’t allowed to take out the “special occasions china” no matter how much we tried, we always loved making the table look beautiful. For us, these moments of deep connection that we cherish the most even today, we would sit, enjoy our meal and share our stories from the day. 

As we grew up, left our parents home, and became expats, we started longing more and more for those moments, and that’s how Simply Chef was born. 

We wanted to connect people around the dinner table and recreate the family dinners most of us used to have as kids. By sharing a meal, we tap into a source of deep connection. Food is one of the biggest connectors, bringing together people with different backgrounds, beliefs, and interests.

We want to make your dinner table beautiful, bringing your style and personality to the table and making the hosting experience effortless.

Simply Chef started from a desire or bringing people together around the dinner table to connect and create memories. Hosting can be overwhelming, from deciding what to cook, how to plate the dishes, and how to set the table. We aim to make that effortless by providing tableware items that bring a unique style to your table.  

We work with artists, designers, and factories in UAE and around the world to provide unique tableware items to individuals, cafes, and restaurants. Our product lines include crockery, cutlery, table linens, bakeware, and decoration items. 

Our Inspiration

We celebrate and embrace diversity; hence each product is inspired by one of the places we traveled or wished to travel to.

To preserve the authenticity and embrace different cultures and cuisines, all the collections aim to bring elements that embrace traditional designs while bringing in the modern touch.

Why Simply Chef

Affordable Luxury

We aim at bringing quality products to the market at an affordable price point  - we strive for “affordable luxury”

Premium Quality

All our products, and our processes, go through multiple rounds of testing to ensure we bring the best quality and experience possible. Our collections are meant to bring restaurant-grade quality to your home

Unique Design

We aim to bring elegant and stylish designs that elevate any dinner table and make you shine as a host

At Simply Chef, we are committed to making a positive impact and making a difference on multiple social aspects.

Good for people 

One in five households experience “an extreme lack of food and other basic needs, more than 30 percent of people are “acutely malnourished” and two out of every 10,000 people die from starvation. 

We believe we can all make a small difference

With every purchase, we donate 1 AED to charitable organizations to feed children around the world. 

Good For Planet

We are focused on protecting our planet, and preserving our home for the next generations by reducing our plastic footprint. 

We are testing various innovative materials and packaging options to get to that, so you will see our products wrapped in “honeycomb paper” starting 2021. 

We are committed to eliminating plastic from our packaging by 2023.