Unique tableware items for your restaurant concept

Simply Chef is a UAE tableware company, creating and curating tableware items, from crockery, cutlery, to table linens. 

Whether you are a restaurant, a cafe, an events company, or a catering company our team can support you in identifying the tableware that fit your vision. 

To get a more personalised service and get access to our entire product line, get in touch with our Horeca team. .


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Why Simply Chef

Dedicated Horeca Specialist

We understand the power of personalised service, hence at the inquiry stage you will be assigned a dedicated advisor.

Unique & Stylish Design

We aim to bring unique and stylish designs that elevate any dinner table and make you shine as a host. 

Competitive prices

We aim at bringing quality products to the market at an affordable price point 

High Quality

All our products, and our processes, go through multiple rounds of testing to ensure we bring the best quality and experience possible. Our collections are meant to bring restaurant-grade quality to your home.